Tile Care & Maintenance

Learn best practices for maintaining your tile floors. 

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Tile Care

Tile is a very low-maintenance and durable flooring option for your home. But just because tile is easy to care for, that doesn't mean that some maintenance isn't required to make sure that your tile floors consistently look their best.

Tile care will start with brooming and sweeping your floors on a regular basis. When you sweep, you help to remove dirt and other debris from your tile and the grouting. Debris can scratch, scrape, and otherwise harm your floors while also causing them to take on a shoddy appearance. You may also wet mop your floors periodically too.

We also recommend walking mats be placed at the entrances of your home and that you encourage guests to always remove their shoes before walking on your tile floors.

Tile Spills & Stains

Tile floors are basically immune to spills and stains. So when and if you have a liquid accident on your tile, there is no need to panic. Simply wipe the mess up with a cloth immediately after the accident to avoid lingering damage to your tile, grout, or subflooring. One of the major benefits of tile is the lack of maintenance and overall durability. 

For solid messes, you can sweep up the mess. When in doubt, consult your manufacturer on approved cleaning solutions.

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