Hardwood Care & Maintenance

Learn the best practices for maintaining your hardwood floors. 

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Hardwood Care

Hardwood care is relatively simple! It is the durability of hardwood flooring and the lack of maintenance required that have helped to keep it popular over time. 

For daily hardwood care, invest in a broom and put it to use on regular basis. By sweeping, you can help to remove dirt, dust, and other debris present on your hardwood flooring. If left on its own, this debris can scratch your floors and cause a lackluster appearance. How often you need to sweep depends on the overall traffic within the room. It is also recommended that you always remove your shoes before walking on your hardwood floors. 

Hardwood Spills & Stains

Hardwood flooring is tough on spills, stains, and messes, but that doesn't mean that if a liquid mess occurs on your hardwood flooring it should be allowed to sit for an extended period. When/if an accident occurs, wipe it up with a cloth in a timely manner. For solid messes, sweep them up with a broom. It's that simple!

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