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Carpet is a fantastic flooring option that will provide extreme comfort and luxury within your home.

We all know carpet flooring. For many of us, it’s a fixture from our youth. For others, it’s what we step foot on first thing in the morning via our bedroom floor. No matter what your relationship is to carpet, the benefits of it as a flooring option are immense.

Not only is carpet incredibly soft underfoot and safe within the home, but carpet also comes in a wide range of colors, patterns, fibers, cuts, shapes, and overall designs. No matter what your desired carpet look and feel is, there is an option for you.

With carpet flooring, homeowners are treated to a versatile flooring choice that is as high-performing as it is attractive. And while carpet is vulnerable to spills and stains, the overall care & maintenance required for carpet flooring are simple. Simply by vacuuming your carpet regularly and limiting the amount of dirt tracked in, you’ll be amazed at how well your carpet flooring ages.

A flooring choice that can help reduce sound and insulate a home, carpet truly is a superb material for your home. At Wellston Decorating Center, we’re proud to offer carpets from top brands like Shaw, Anderson Tuftex, and PC.


Why Carpet?

Carpet boasts a number of impressive benefits, including:

  • Carpet is soft underfoot and luxurious to lounge on. 
  • Carpet can function well in various parts of a home, including bedrooms, living rooms, offices, playrooms, and basements. 
  • Carpet comes in a wide range of colors, patterns, fibers, cuts, and overall looks. 
  • Carpet is affordable. 
  • Carpet is easy to maintain and requires vacuuming to care for within a home. 
  • Carpet is durable for the price point. 
  • Carpet can reduce sound in a home. 
  • Carpet can help insulate a home. 

Carpet Care and Maintenance

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Carpet Installation

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