Area Rug Care & Maintenance

Stay current on best practices for maintaining your area rug. 

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Area Rug Care

Area rug care and maintenance is simple. All you need to do is establish a care and maintenance routine and stick to it to ensure that your area rug looks great for years to come. 

Area rug care starts with obtaining a quality vacuum and putting it to use regularly. By vacuuming up your rug, you are working to remove dirt, dust, and other debris that build up in the fibers over time, causing damage and a grungy look. How often you need to vacuum your rug will depend on the amount of foot traffic within the room. 

You should also place walking mats at the entrances of your home and always remove shoes before walking on your area rug. Limiting the amount of dirt that enters your home is essential in maintaining your area rug. 

Area Rug Spills & Stains

Area rugs are easy to maintain, but that doesn't mean that they aren't vulnerable to spills and stains. The key to addressing area rug messes and spills is to always act fast. Doing so could be the difference between a spill that goes away and a stain that persists. So when a liquid mess happens grab a cloth and absorb the liquid before dabbing at the stain with another cloth submerged in cold water. For solid messes, use your vacuum cleaner. 

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